Who We Are

The Friends of Bolton Seniors was founded in November 2001 as a private 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation to provide support for the seniors of the town of Bolton by perpetuating the dignity and well-being of our elder residents.

Our mission is to develop and support programs and services to residents age 60 and older. These include programs that enhance seniors’ health, social connections, and basic needs.

With your generous contributions, FOBS has been able to increase the services and programs provided to Bolton’s seniors. We work closely with the Bolton Council on Aging to identify specific needs for our local seniors that cannot be met by the Council’s budget.

As of 2016, Bolton has over 1000 residents age 60 and over (about 20% of our total population). This number will only increase as “Baby Boomers” come of age. Of course many seniors stay active. However, there are many others who need our help.  Your contributions make fulfilling our mission possible and your continued support helps show our love and respect for Bolton’s seniors.

     Friends of Bolton Seniors, Inc.
     P.O. Box 607
     Bolton, MA  01740

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